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Michel van Amsterdam

Welcome here! You are on an exciting journey!

Ik ben in Nederland geboren maar leef en werk in Berlijn.

As a human being passionate about personal and team development, my approach is an integral one, bringing together personal goals, skills, identity and the bigger framework we are part of in one integral structure of work.
This guarantees transformable and sustainable results that last instead of short time results that often go together with new crises and rapid fallbacks.

I offer a free 30 minutes introduction to give you clarity about your project, the method I use and to find out if we could be a good team together.

As a Coach with a long personal history as a medical doctor, sports teacher, mediator and artist there is a broad potential of insights, tools and perspectives I like to put also at your disposal to support your personal development or that of your team in all possible ways.

NPOW gecertificeerd professional en lid van het netwerk ontwikkelingsgericht werken