Do you differentiate between girls and boys when raising them?

Parents, do you differ between boys and girls when raising them?

It was a sunny day in early spring and I strolled along a lonely beach. Then a father came along with his daughter. I watched how the girl wanted to step up the wall and walk on it. We know that all children like these do things like that. For them it is a hindrance they like to overcome. They see it as play but at the same time, it is the body that wants to learn, the mind that wants to defeat this obstacle and win the test.

A few minutes later to my surprise I saw another parent with her child. This time is was a boy. It crossed my mind that the mother didn’t hold the boy’s hand. She immediately let him deal with the challenge in his own terms.

Of course these two situations do not fall under the heading of science. Perhaps the girl is younger or maybe the boy was more skilled as you can see from his physical appearance.

But what questions come up in your mind if you see these differences?

Are boys more inclined to take challenges? Do girls relate to others more than boys, who like to do things on their own? Or do parents differentiate between boys and girls? Do we think girls need more support? Are we more inclined to keep them in dependency? Do we push boys into self-governing or are they taking the lead?

Do we still treat girls different from boys? Are fathers different from mothers in this respect? And if yes, do we have to view it as discrimination or is it more akin to an interesting cultural differentiation?

Are you more likely to promote self-governing or the relational aspect in how you react to day-to-day sit





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